About Us


JUST LIFE CLUB has bagged the status of INDIA’S FIRST SOCIAL NETWORK SITE with multiple services. Adopting the literal meaning of its name JUST LIFE CLUB is set up with a mission to people live better Life. A life free from hustle bustle of daily struggles. The idea of JUST LIFE CLUB struck like an alarm in the mind of its promoter Shri Kumar Rajendra an Author & Mind Power Expert when he came across the shocking statistics of people sufferings. INDIA has witnessed a rise in the suicide and accident cases since 2013. A large number of these cases are of students within the age group of 15 to 29 years as stated by the survey of scroll.in. Nimhan’s study witnessed a number of 1,35,000 suicides in India by 2013. Almost 380 people are the victim of road accidents in a day and about 1019 people die in other accidents as discussed in the Satyamave Jayate Season 3/Episode 2 and Nerb.nic.in-Survey of 2012 respectively.

JUST LIFE CLUB realizes its duty towards India/world and believes together we can mitigate the sufferings and live JUST LIFE free of tribulations.

Our Vision 

NAZpower (JUST LIFE CLUB) works with a motto and vision to create a Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous Society. It realizes that the vision could be made reality only by the means of education of Mind Powers techniques & counseling people towards greater happiness, success and peace. 

Our Mission 

NAZpower (JUST LIFE CLUB) has a sole mission to reach all corners of the society and every people who wish to live happy & secure life.

In a step to walk towards its vast mission, NAZpower (JLC) has created Social Community Network website www.nazpower.com and Android Apps on Google play store as “NAZpower”. Amazing Unique concept of NAZ=No Accident Zone is for living Accident Free Life; the accidents which occur at anytime, anywhere i.e. on roads, stairs, pathways or even in within four cornered walls and in our minds !!! 

NAZ is totally new concept which comes along with various features with Total Life Solution; i.e. Accident Free Life forever, Live Life without FEAR & TEAR, creating inner power of NO ACCIDENT ZONE, lead to Unlimited healthy life, Secrete of Success, FREE counseling for life problems etc. Thus NAZpower is world first & best Social Community Network site with value added services (Total Life Solution) to live life in better way.