Content Policy


You may post images copied from Content or photo album or another photo site only if they are within the public domain or you have the rights to use these images. Also, you should not post other copyrighted material in their profiles or communities. JUST LIFE complies with The Copyright Act 1957 And the Copyright Rules 1958 and promptly removes content if a formal copyright complaint is received by us as described below.

Before filing a complaint, you should attempt to contact the individual who posted the copyrighted information on JUST LIFE to request that he or she remove it.

To submit an official copyright complaint, you must own the copyright to the material in question or be authorized by the copyright holder to act on their behalf. You must clearly identify the material in question and provide us with the URL ( of the JUST LIFE page on which it appears.

If you own the copyright to material that you see in an external link or video, keep in mind that this content is imported from other sites, so please report copyright violations to the original source of the content.

Also, keep in mind that questionable content or third-party ads may be removed by the JUST LIFE team without advanced warning. All content posted on JUST LIFE needs to adhere to our Terms of Service.

JUST LIFE Content Policy

The following Content Policies are the shared values of the JUST LIFE community. JUST LIFE is a place where users can express their own beliefs and values, and our Content Policies help foster a positive environment. These policies are a living document that apply to all JUST LIFE content, found in both profiles and communities, and will change based on the needs of the broader community and the tools available, so we encourage you to review them frequently.

We take the JUST LIFE Content Policies seriously and ask you to respect them. As JUST LIFE members, you have certain responsibilities to yourselves and to each other.

How to report abuse

If you believe that someone is violating this policy, use the report abuse option on either the person's community or profile page. Just click report abuse on the left menu. If you report an issue, we'll review your report and take action if appropriate. Not all reports result in removal.

While we encourage users to take full advantage of their profiles and communities on JUST LIFE to share ideas freely with one another, we have limitations on certain content and behavior. Click the links below to read about the restrictions users are subject to. Violation of any of these restrictions may result in the suspension or termination of a profile or community.

  • Nudity or sexually explicit material
  • Malicious content
  • Teen safety
  • Violent behavior
  • Hate speech
  • Age
  • Impersonation
  • Private and confidential information
  • Copyright
  • Illegal activities
  • Spam, malware, and phishing

If you think your JUST LIFE profile was mistakenly removed, follow these steps to reinstate your profile.

Tips for security

  1. Please keep privacy of your profile and make it to open only for your relatives and close friends to whom you know very well.
  1. Please don’t share your private and other family related photos/matters to unknown person.
  1. If you want and necessary to share any important details to others please check his profile/friends/background and do cross verity it.
  1. Company is not bound to verify any information from members.
  1. Your ID & password keeps confidential and not shares with any one.
  1. Your password pattern should not be easily traceable and never save in digitally form and always make it memorable.
  1. Don’t trap in deceptive scheme of others.